Tripp Facility
W. 2nd St, Tripp SD 57376

Our Tripp location is an asset to Dakota Plains Ag Center, LLC as a winter wheat storage facility.  We are also able to store spring wheat and oats.  There are eleven bins and two quonsets with a total capacity of 625,000 bushels.  Being able to store this amount of winter wheat enables the loading of unit trains at our North Tripp facility. The various bins also make possible the segregation of the wheat based on quality.  As a result, this allows us to pay protein premiums and avoid heavy discounts during years with wide-spread quality issues.  Our marketing also has become more flexible with opportunities to sell to mill markets in the East and export markets on the West Coast, as well as the Gulf.

Having Tripp as a wheat storage facility has allowed our main facility to handle even more corn and soybean bushels. Please call before delivering grain in case we are either full or need it hauled to our main facility.