Dakota Plains Ag Center, LLC's Grain Division is second to none when it comes to commodity prices and knowledgeable advice for the producer.  We pride ourselves in our marketing ability. Cullen Wilson, Vice President of Grain, has many years of experience and is a valuable asset to Dakota Plains. Please feel free to stop in and meet with Cullen and visit about what the best marketing options for you and your operation may be.  Dylan Lindeman and Kody Bruggeman, Marketing Specialists, are also here to assist you in all of your marketing needs.  If you ever have any questions, stop in the office or give Cullen, Dylan, or Kody a call at 1-800-257-6791.

Quality Control:
One thing you should keep in mind is to check your bins on a regular basis, especially if you harvested grain with moisture content in the higher teens and above.  For soybeans, it only takes .10 percent heat damage before we start docking and/or not accepting the grain.  For corn, it only takes .20 percent heat damage before we start docking and/or not accepting the grain.  Again, please check your bins to ensure yourself good quality grains!!  For any questions you may have regarding your grain storage, please give Cullen or Kevin a call at 1-800-257-6791.

Treated Seed:
As seed treatments become more and more popular you need to be aware that any treated kernel of seed CANNOT be mixed with sellable grain.  If you deliver grain to us and we find one treated seed in the sample (yes, it only takes one!), your truckload of grain will be turned away.  Furthermore, if your truck gets unloaded into one of our bins and contains treated seed, you will be liable for that entire bin.  The reason is that if that seed gets into the food chain, it will be fatal to the consumer.

With this being said, please clean your trucks and wagons thoroughly after you empty the seed out.  It is VERY important to us and to you that your trucks and wagons are free of treated seed!  For any questions regarding this issue, please give us a call at 1-800-257-6791.